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Silent heroes

Diagnosis: recurrence of uveal melanoma, also known as intraocular melanoma

Kristina (38 years)

Hello, Maris!

Three years has passed after the my eye melanoma surgery (radiosurgery with Cyberknife). It was an impressive date as it was as well february 29 which happens only once per four years. It was also a huge event as you and your team hade enormous courage to take the responsibility and just did that you thought was right. I can not even describe how grateful and happy we are for all that you have done. Happy you are still there and moving on. Wishing good luck to you all and keep being strong in your excellence. THANK YOU. There no words enough to describe my gratefulness. You are silent heroes and I just want to tell you that people really treasure you, though sometimes forget to tell you about that, we never forget what a great service you have done and what a great gift you have given just by doing your work very responsibly and with respect. Best regards to all your team in Cyber Knife Sigulda.

Love you.

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