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Data entry

CyberKnife is, possibly, the type of therapy, which could help you beat the disease most efficiently. In order to make sure it is so, just send your results from medical examinations to our specialists for assessment. 

We guarantee to keep your personal data and medical data received confidential! 

The data will be used only for the purpose of considering the therapeutic options*. 

Required data necessary to evaluate therapy options and calculate costs: 

  • conclusion of a doctor or a board of oncologists; 
  • extract - epicrisis or medical record with a description of histopathological examination; 
  • images from magnetic resonance imaging and/or computed tomography scan and/or positron emission tomography (PET-CT) examinations in DICOM format, preferably not older than 4 weeks, supplemented with a description of findings and opinion of a radiologist. 

Watch the attached video tutorial to find out how to prepare your data for sending and how to send them to us through Data Uploading form. 

*Pursuant to the Law On the Rights of Patients, medical data of a person shall not be disclosed or used and processed without a consent of that person, they can be used only for certain goals stipulated in laws and regulations. These data include information about patient's diseases, diagnoses, referrals, results of examinations and the prescribed treatment plan, as well as information about patient's consent or refusal from the treatment. 

We undertake to protect your personal data and comply with confidentiality requirements laid down in laws and regulations. Read our Personal Data Processing Policy here.

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