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What is Cyberknife?

Robotic stereotactic radiosurgery system CyberKnife is a modern high precision technology for treatment of cancer, benign and malign tumours in different parts of the body without surgical interference, on out-patient basis, without pain and returning to everyday routines as soon as possible.

CyberKnife especially suitable for tumours located in hard-to-access locations in terms of surgery, for example, brain and spinal cord, moving organs and others. Paradoxically, but “radiosurgery” is not a surgical method and CyberKnife does not cut anything. These names were introduced and more widely used in communication by neurosurgeons in order to describe the preciseness and long-term therapeutic efficiency similar to that of a surgery.

Advantages of technology

The Cyberknife® M6 system is a revolutionary medical invention, combining several innovative medical technologies:

  • High precision radiotherapy robot;
  • Compact, high capacity linear accelerator;
  • Fully automated patient movement tracking system;
  • Synchronisation of movement of the radiation beam with the respiratory movements;
  • Newest software of radiosurgery planning.

How CyberKnife robot works in SRC Sigulda

Technology development 

The first CyberKnife system was invented by Professor John R. Adler in 1987. Adler's vision was to develop a robot that could excel GammaKnife®, already known by then, and linear accelerators with a radiosurgery function.  He managed to create a robotic radiosurgery system with excellent accuracy, suitable for treating tumours almost anywhere in human body. During its 30 years of existence, the CyberKnife system has successfully helped people around the world. 

Availability in Latvia 

In the Radiosurgery Centre CyberKnife® M6, the system available in Sigulda, is the most recent model of the CyberKnife system series, and it differs from previous ones with more versatile adaptation possibilities, special accuracy with sub-millimetre precision, stable operation and latest software with regular updates. 

Read more about the CyberKnife® M6 system at

How does the Cyberknife® M6 robot work

Frequently asked questions

What is radiosurgery?

Radiosurgery is very precise radio therapy method, destroying tumour cells with accurately targeted high-dose ionising radiation. Radiosurgery is only a term not bearing a direct connotation to a surgery in a conventional sense; it refers to the type of radio therapy where a precisely targeted ionising radiation brings effect similar to that of a surgery, but involves no pain and blood loss. It delivers high ionising radiation dose to a tumour with sub-millimetre precision from different angles with precisely targeted, “strong” beams, similar to x-ray.
This approach enables exposure of the affected tissue meanwhile minimising damage and saving the nearby tissue.

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