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Radiosurgery costs

Consultations and services*

Radiologist consultation (1h)€80.00
Radiologist consultation (repeated) (30min)€40.00
Oncologist chemotherapist consultation (1h)€80.00
Urologist consultation (30min)€40.00

Average total costs of treatment with CyberKnife M6 of most common localisations *

Benign or malignant lesions in head €8000
Lesions in bone structures, spine €8500
Treatment of primary prostate cancer€9500
Extracranial lesions (liver, kidneys, lungs, lesions in soft tissue)€10800

*Includes: placement of gold markers in case of primary prostate cancer or extracranial lesions, individual immobilisation tools usage (thermoplastic mask or vacuum bag); CT scan with immobilisation and 3T MRI scan according to proper protocol; CT and MRI data uploading in the planning system; individual treatment plan preparation for one part of the body; one to five treatment fractions.

Total radiosurgery cost of treatment with the most common localizations with CyberKnife M6 (basic offer): *

Benign or malignant formations in the headfrom 8000,00
Formations in bone structures, spinefrom 8000,00
Primary prostate cancer treatment (with marker implant costs included)€9500,00
Extracranial formations (liver, kidney, lung, soft tissue formations)from 9800,00

Note that the exact costs of treatment can be found out after preparing a detailed treatment plan. Discounts may be applied for consultations within the framework of promotions and special offers. In case of multiple localizations or re-treatment, a discount may be applied to the cost of treatment. You can get acquainted with the detailed price list of SIA “Siguldas slimnīca services here

Offer for foreign patients (included in the treatment price):

Assistance in receiving visa, arrangement of accommodation, logistics services: transfer from Riga airport to Sigulda and back to the airport, transfer to/from medical manipulations; priority in the waiting list; possibility to choose certain time of the day for treatment and other services. Please ask our consultants about it.

Cancer treatment refunded by NHS

Cancer treatment abroad refunded by the NHS? Now it is possible! People who are diagnosed with cancer and who are living in the NHS refundUnited Kingdom have the right to receive private cancer treatment refunded by NHS in the EEA (European Economic Area).

If you have been recently diagnosed by a NHS doctor with prostate cancer or you have been suffering from it for some time we can offer you National Health Service (NHS) refunded robotic radiosurgery with Cyberknife. You could be candidate for cancer treatment with Cyberknife even in the situation when the NHS doctor has suggested radical actions, like surgery.

You can get NHS funded Cyberknife treatment.
The residents of UK may get planned treatment abroad, eventually jump NHS waiting lists for prostate cancer treatment.

We understand that it may be complicated to complete all the necessary formalities with no outside help. Over a period of years, cooperation between the private clinics in Europe and the Medrefund LTD has evolved into a fruitful and reliable relationship – patients who have cooperated with Medrefund LTD have at least partially regained the money paid for cancer treatment abroad.

Jump NHS waiting list for cancer treatment.

No more need to wait in a NHS queue or check your position in the NHS waiting lists! You can jump the NHS waiting list to go abroad and Medrefund LTD will make sure that the NHS refunds your treatment – go abroad and jump the NHS waiting list.

Most common additional medical services prices used for evaluation of situation before or after CyberKnife treatment:

Tumour board for brain cancer by the doctors team (a neurosurgeon, radiologist, radiation and medical oncologist)€200.00
Tumour board for breast, lung, colorectal and etc. cancers by the doctors team (a surgeon, radiologist, radiation and medical oncologist, other specialised doctors)€200.00
Tumour board for prostate cancer or kidney cancer by the doctors team (an urologist, radiologist, surgeon, radiation and medical oncologist)€200.00
Computed tomography scan for one part of the body, Sigulda Hospital, Sigulda130.00€ - 200.00 €
3 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan for one part of the body, ORTO Clinic or ARS Diagnostic Clinic, Riga190.00€ - 400.00€
PET-CT scan with 18F-FDG for breast, lung, colorectal, kidney etc. cancers,  Nuclear Medicine Clinic, Riga€1085.00
PET-CT scan with 18F-PSMA for prostate cancer, Nuclear Medicine Clinic, Riga€1590.00
PET-CT scan with 68Ga-PSMA-11 for prostate cancer, Nuclear Medicine Clinic, Riga€1900.00

We offer the theranostic solutions for the best options for treating cancer patients in cooperation with OncoDNA laboratory in Belgium:

Goal of using OncoDNA’s solutions is to predict and monitor the response to anticancer drugs using a comprehensive integrated approach (genomics combined with molecular pathology) thus enabling oncologists to make the right therapeutic decisions and determine treatment regimens after previous noneffective treatment.

Additional information about OncoDNA solutions:

We understand that our prices may seem high… However, given the experience and knowledge of our doctors, the capabilities of the world's most advanced technology, and the team's personal attitude and willingness to help in any situation, they are justified. If, however, the price still seems too high - ask us, we will definitely find a suitable financial solution for you.

Specify the cost by asking!

We will respond to you in the near future.

Daina Svarinska
Daina Svarinska

Customer consultant

Vladislavs Buriks - Cyberknife Sigulda
Dr. Vladislav Buryk

Radiosurgeon - Neurosurgeon

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