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CyberKnife system for cancer treatment offers several advantages to the patients: treatment of inoperable cancers, painless procedure, treatment on out-patient basis, major part of patients have no complications, maximum comfort during the procedure. 

The method is especially suitable for tumours located in hard-to-access locations, for example, brain and spinal cord, moving organs and others. Precision of the technology allows healing tumours, which were previously considered inoperable due to their location or other properties.

Main advantages

High efficiency

15 years of experience has proven that the long-term efficiency of the CyberKnife radiosurgery methods is similar to that of a surgery. Growth of benign tumours in head is fully stopped in 98% of cases, while the tumour mass shrinks by 20-25% in 80% of cases within 2 years after the radiosurgery procedure.  

When treating a primary low or medium risk prostate cancer with CyberKnife, recurrence of disease symptoms are reported in no more than 3 patients out of hundred 5 years after the therapy.  

When treating metastases in head, spine, lungs, liver and soft tissue from a tumour localised elsewhere, the radiated lesion is found to disappear in 80-98% of cases within 3 months of the radiosurgery with CyberKnife. 

Ask our consultants to find out whether the radiosurgery method with CyberKnife would be efficient in your case.

Proven results

Robotic radiosurgery with the CyberKnife system is efficient and safe method based on clinical trials — known for more than 20 years. 

Expected therapeutic results in case of a prostate cancer are based on qualitative clinical studies. Efficiency of the method has been proven in patient monitoring for more than 8 years.  

When treating benign tumours in head with CyberKnife, the expected results are based on studies performed 10-12 years ago. Results from studies confirm the high efficiency and safety of the radiosurgery method therefore more and more patients from all over the world choose radiosurgery as the method to treat acoustic neuroma, meningioma and pituitary adenoma.

Painless procedure

Treatment with CyberKnife does not involve anaesthesia, cutting and blood loss, because it is not a surgical interference. The very radiosurgery procedure itself with CyberKnife is completely painless, performed while patient is conscious and with ultimate comfort.  

In some cases, if nodules of a tumour are localised in the prostate or other organs of the body or even soft tissue, special gold markers are placed near the nodules to ensure high precision of radiation. This procedure is minimally invasive and requires no anaesthesia or is performed under local anaesthesia. Specialists from our Centre will individually explain whether markers should be placed in your case. 


Treats inoperable tumours

High precision of the CyberKnife system allows treating tumours, which were previously considered inoperable due to their location or other properties. CyberKnife can treat tumours or vascular pathologies also where they are located at vitally crucial centres — brainstem, spinal cord, crucial nerves and large blood vessels. 


Protects healthy tissue

During a CyberKnife procedure a destructive radiation from more than 1,500 angles with sub-millimetre precision is delivered to a tumour, allowing a precise and efficient treatment of the affected tissue, reducing exposure of surrounding healthy tissue to a minimum.

Comfort during the procedure

For patient safety and in order to ensure high preciseness of the method, a light, mesh-like head mask or a vacuum bag for the body is used during the CyberKnife procedure, still allowing to breathe and move freely. In comparison to other radiosurgery methods, patient fixation in case of CyberKnife do not usually trigger anxiety or claustrophobia. But if you do not feel comfortable, please inform our staff. We will definitely take care of you. 

Very low complication risk

Patients are reported to have less complications and better quality of life after treatment with CyberKnife in comparison to a surgery or conventional radiotherapy.

Adjusts to body movements

The CyberKnife system spots even the slightest patient movements and adjusts accordingly. Therefore a patient who is undergoing radiosurgery in lungs may relax and breathe freely and not to think about the procedure. The CyberKnife system will track the breathing rhythm and adapt to it, therefore its efficiency does not require any effort from the patient.

Return home the same day

Radiosurgery with CyberKnife is a treatment on out-patient basis. Once the procedure is over you do not have to stay in the hospital and usually there is no need for post-operative rehabilitation. But if you feel discomfort, please tell your treating doctor. We will do everything to make you feel good.

Short period of total treatment

After receiving a therapy conclusion from our specialists, it will take only 1 to 2 weeks in total for pre-procedural manipulations and the very procedure; during this period you don't have to stay at hospital and you can return home or enjoy the recreation possibilities offered by Sigulda. 

Predictable costs

Unpredictability of real costs related to the disease such as additional diagnostics, waiting in a queue, unclear picture of doctor's fee, hard-to-predict post-operative care and rehabilitation costs, which are usually not covered from the state budget, may build stress and make your budget vulnerable. We have tried to elaborate our service price list to make costs of diagnostics and therapy transparent and predictable. 

However, if you have any question about possible costs, please ask our customer consultants.


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