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Radiosurgery Centre Sigulda offers treatment of benign and malignant tumours with CyberKnife® M6, the most advanced robotic system in entire Eastern Europe. This method can be applied to treat primary tumours and metastases in human body — head, spine, prostate, liver, kidney, lungs and other parts and organs.

CyberKnife robotic radiosurgery can be combined with other tumour treatment methods — surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Our specialists are ready to help you!

What is CyberKnife?

CyberKnife is a modern high precision technology for treatment of cancer and benign tumours in different parts of the body without surgical interference, on out-patient basis, without pain and returning to everyday routines as soon as possible.

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Our team is ready to examine your particular case, change further treatment tactics and give advice about the best available solution, basing on the experience, most advanced methods of diagnostics and treatment with non-invasive robotised cancer treatment technology CyberKnife.

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In order to find out whether CyberKnife can be used in your case or if you have questions about progress of treatment, do not hesitate to apply for a consultation on-line. Please, specify your questions and contact details in the form. We will contact you in the course of one working day!

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Cyberknife treatment for brain tumor

Cyberknife radiosurgery treatment for prostate cancer

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