Sending data

It is possible that CyberKnife® is exactly the type of therapy that will most effectively help you in the fight with a disease. To find this out, you must send your medical examination results to our specialists for assessment. We guarantee confidentiality of received medical data. This data will be used solely and only in order to assess the possibilities of therapy*!

Data that is necessary for assessing the possibilities of therapy:

●    doctor’s conclusion (in case of a tumor – oncologist council’s conclusion);
●    statement – epicrisis or medical history with a summary of pathohistological examinations;
●    magnetic resonance (MR) and/or computed tomography (CT) and/or positron emission tomography (PET-CT) examination images in DICOM format, preferably no older than 4 weeks and with a summary of the findings and radiologist-diagnostic conclusion attached;
●    completed patient form, which can be obtained here;
The attached video tutorial will help you understand how to correctly prepare data for sending and how to send it to us using the “Data entry” form.

*In accordance with the “Law on the Rights of Patients”, personal medical data is not to be disclosed or used and processed without the actual person’s agreement, it can only be used for specific goals as defined in legislation. This data includes information about a patient’s illnesses, diagnoses, referrals, examination results, and prescribed treatment plan, as well as information about the patient’s agreement to or refusal of treatment.